A brief story of last weekend, prompted by weird photos on my phone.

Last weekend was lovely in the respect that The Husband was home for longer than he has been most weekends recently. We actually had time to see a movie together because we didn’t have to spend every waking moment getting his clothes and food turned around for another week on the road.

One thing we did over the weekend was tidy up The Husband’s truck. I put away his food and clothes and cleaned the cab for him  – AAAAACK – dust, grime, and spilled beverage on every surface; how he can live like that is beyond me – while he did some little repairs here and there. I got done before he did, and played around taking photos of the  stickers posted on the truck near or on the step up to the cab:


My interpretation: If you step here, this truck will kick you in the butt and send you flying.


My interpretation: There’s no step here, so let’s dance wildly!

But we also had time to do some necessary shopping. And through a cruel twist of fate, we had to visit both WalMart and Sam’s in a two-day period. I swore off WalMart months ago – just the smell of that place (and there is a very distinct and unpleasant odor the moment you walk through the doors) makes my heart sink and my stomach turn. Sam’s is an occasional destination for milk, eggs, and other staples we tend to buy in large quantities – and I try to send someone else in the family in my place. Both in one weekend is purgatory, and I don’t even believe in purgatory.

One of my reasons for avoiding these two stores is their horrible practices toward their employees. But I have to admit, and I know this sounds disgustingly snobbish, another thing that keeps me away is the mass of unwashed heathen one encounters with every visit. With every turn of my shopping cart wheel I’m thinking “Getmeoutofthiscrowdgetmeoutofthiscrowdgetmeoutofthiscrowd.” No exaggerating there. I’m a wreck by the time I get to the peace and quiet of my own van.

Allow me to prove my point. Seen at the Sam’s snack bar:


My interpretation: This guy is not someone I care to know. Or even be in the same room with.

Looking forward to a Walton’s-free weekend coming up.


8 thoughts on “A brief story of last weekend, prompted by weird photos on my phone.

  1. I’ve always maintained that if I ever get to the U.S. I want to visit Walmart. Just to see what the hype is. lol
    We have K-Mart here in Australia and it is large and full of cheap stuff but it isn’t too bad to visit.

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  2. You need to get yourself a t-shirt especially for such said occasions. May I suggest ‘I like to do my shopping ANYWHERE BUT HERE!’ I’m sure there will be many others who will share the sentiment.
    (On the back you could have, ‘the leggy blonde with the rack ain’t even going to look at you, buster’ or ‘so you mean you like to PAY for sex?!’


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