Kansas: The Land of the Idiots and the Home of the Paranoid

Because I’ve sworn off political feuds on Facebook and because if I don’t get this out my head will explode, here’s a rundown of four items making headline news in the last week and a half here in my ultra-conservative, Midwest state.

-Our governer, Sam Brownback (best nickname I’ve heard this week is “Brownbackwards”), who is in the pocket of the billionaire Koch brothers and therefore has done away with taxes on corporations and rich dudes  – causing the state to have a severe budget shortfall – announced draconian slashing of  our state education budget, to take effect almost immediately.  Makes sense, right? Cuz when you’ve made a huge mistake and can’t admit it for fear of pissing off your rich backers, the obvious solution is to throw your children to the wolves.

-Another Brownback trick this week: Unilaterally rescinding equal rights for all gay, lesbian, and transgendered state employees. Our former governer, the awesome Kathleen Sebelius, issued an executive order ensuring protection for this group when we were lucky enough to have her in power. But that’s over now. Sorry, friends, no job security for you cuz we don’t approve of your life.

-A Kansas legislator proposed a bill that will create a special, higher-paid bracket for foster families who live up to certain “standards.” These standards include having a husband and wife in the home, attending church regularly, and sending their kids to private school OR home schooling. Hmmm…the only thing he left out is paying more to white foster parenting couples. I’m sure that was just an oversight.

-And the one I just read about: Another group of lesgislators (including a scum bag who comes from our suburb and who pretends to be a teacher and a friend of education) is sponsoring a bill to do away with any kind of required training or permits for concealed-carry gun holders. WHY ARE PEOPLE FREAKING ALLOWED TO CARRY GUNS AT ALL, FOR ANY REASON, FOR GOD’S SAKE??????? One legislator expressed his concern for people who need to carry guns so they can protect their families. Guess what? The families most likely to die from gunshots are the ones who have guns in their houses. But there’s no reasoning with these people. Facts do not penetrate their thick skulls.

Can I please go live somewhere else?


7 thoughts on “Kansas: The Land of the Idiots and the Home of the Paranoid

  1. That’s hilarious. Next he could pray for the sun to come up the next morning. Honestly, I kind of wonder if I should stop following all this crap. I don’t have the time to get politically involved, so instead I just get furious. It’s not exactly helpful.

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  2. At least you follow what’s going on. I completely ignore what our state is up to. I apologize to any this may offend, but we had a governor who prayed for rain on the state capitol’s steps during a drought. We all could see by the weather forecast that rain was on the way. 😀

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  3. Oh, if only I could. I hate that movie, but living in Oz would (or being forced to watch the movie daily for the rest of my life) would be preferable to suffering thorugh this insanity.


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