Seeking silver linings.

Now on day five of Virus World. The worst of the symptoms are over, but I’m weak and tired, and didn’t have enough brain power to make my way through a work day. And now, cabin fever sets in…

I just had to throw this in. I find Winnie absolutely fascinating...and his face cracks me up every time.

I just had to throw this in. I find Churchill absolutely fascinating…and his face cracks me up every time I see it.

So I’m looking for some positives today. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Two weeks ago I ordered a stack of books from the library and picked them up just before I got sick. I’ve had plenty of light reading material to keep me from losing my mind while I’m stuck at home.
  • I used this interlude as an excuse to finally sign up for Acorn TV. I’m in Brit TV heaven…except for the fact that our internet is so lame that everything I watch is interrupted repeatedly by streaming glitches. Still, loving it.
  • The Husband requested a long weekend at the end of this week, and he’ll be home Thursday evening through Monday evening. Mostly he has to do our taxes, but at least he’ll be here, and that will be lovely.
  • We had a lot of meals stored away in the freezer, and a dear friend brought over a yummy supper for me last night. So we’re at least eating well.
  • I’m just well enough to take daughter in to see the doctor in about an hour. Probably she has a sinus infection. Silver lining corollary to this bullet point: In January we started over with our FSA set-aside $$ for medical expenses, so it won’t feel like this visit is coming from out of our pocket. Smoke and mirrors, but I’m going with it as a positive.
  • I probably won’t fall over dead when I have to go out in a bit and scrape the snow off the van in order to take daughter to said appointment. How’s that for enthusiasm?

Could be worse.


5 thoughts on “Seeking silver linings.

  1. Not expecting to fall over dead sounds like at least a tiny improvement from where you were a couple days ago. May the trend continue….


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