A new Mom Goes On post series…probably.

I’ve had an idea simmering for a while now, and with nothing to do but lie on the couch and cough for days on end, I think it’s time to “run it up the flagpole and see if it flies” as they say. I think they say that, don’t they? Whoever “they” are. They might be the fever-induced voices in my head, for all I know.

Anyway…You’ve heard of life hacks, right? Clever little tricks that make the everyday annoying tasks of life just a little easier?

My post series idea is along those lines. Clever little tricks that make mom life just a little easier. Things I figured out along the way that made the bumpy road of being a mom a tiny bit smoother.

My week-long bout of coughing and nose-blowing gives the concept title a slightly punny twist:

Mom Hacks

The first Mom Hack will be forthcoming soon. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow. Basically, whenever I feel like it. No promises in terms of how long the series will be, how often it will appear, or how long it will last. I reserve the right to allow anarchy to reign supreme.

Oh, and if you have any mom shortcuts that have worked for you, let me know. I’ve never had a guest post on Mom Goes On before, and if you come up with something you’d like to share this just may be the time.

See you soon (ish)!

Hack, hack.


15 thoughts on “A new Mom Goes On post series…probably.

  1. Oh the one I really liked was one I was told by a friend. “If you’ve had a busy day and haven’t done as much housework as you originally wanted to but you still want your husband to think you have…. throw some bleach in the toilet bowl about 10 minutes before he gets home and it will smell like you’ve been cleaning all day”. lol

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