Hey, cool!

versatile_bloggerA big thank-you to Book Club Mom for nominating Mom Goes On for the Versatile Blogger Award! As a life-long bibliophile, I always appreciate her book reviews, as well as the great comments she leaves on my posts.

This looks like an easy one: Seven things you might not know about me, and my nominations for the award. Here goes:

Seven things you might not know about me:

  1. I LOVE to read cozy mysteries, especially by Brits. But I occasionally stray into history and biography.
  2. My favorite music for playing in the background while I’m writing (especially when writing something challenging): Norah Jones. So soothing.
  3. I once won a contest for “most credit cards in your wallet” at a shoe store. That was long ago – I’ve cut back. Well, except that on top of my personal cards I do carry my work credit card, my mother-in-law’s credit card, and my FSA account card…okay, maybe I could still win that contest.
  4. I keep Facebook open on my work computer all day long. But there’s a legitimate reason, I swear! Some of the volunteers in my department contact me exclusively through FB messaging. Really!
  5. I once met both Paul Newman and Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams? Remember?). At the same time. Yes, you have my permission to say you know me so that you may bask in vicarious glory.
  6. I have really good handwriting. Looks like the sample above the chalkboard in your elementary school classroom. Because in one of my teacher ed classes in college, handwriting was a REQUIREMENT FOR THE COURSE, FOR PETE’S SAKE! What a waste of tuition money. What they really need to require is a class on parent relations. Nobody teaches you that.
  7. I rate going to a bar, a concert, a casino, Sam’s, or any other venue teeming with humanity right up there with standing in front of a firing squad.

And my nominees for the award:

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to share seven things about you and nominate other bloggers for the award. 🙂

Never Trust a Jellyfish

Family to the Five Power

Doorknobs that Lock

Gluestick Mum

And Three To Go

Hysterically Ever After

There are many excellent bloggers I read every day, so if you’re not on this list it’s because I either a) suspect you prefer not to deal with the whole blog award thing or b) I ran out of time today to include you. But I appreciate every one of you!


10 thoughts on “Hey, cool!

  1. Congratulations! So…is Dan Haggerty as large a man as portrayed in the show. I get so disappointed when I have dreams of some dreamy actor, only to find that they are….like 5′ or something when I swear they must be 6’4″.


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