Quotes from the plague house.

The Husband isn’t usually the “drama queen” type.

Until he gets sick.

Before this week, his most famous sick bed line was “Gather the children close. I need to say my goodbyes.” He wasn’t joking.

Heard last night around dinner time, as he lamented how miserable he felt:

  • little_grim_reaper_by_mamepika“What’s going to become of me?”
  • “I’ll have to assign my care to someone. I can no longer live independently.”
  • “Is this what I’ve been reduced to?”
  • “I’m a shell of my former self.”

None of these were said with humor. He was convinced the grim reaper was on his way.

I totally get how awful he feels – I just lived through it (barely) myself. He’s on day five of a 12-day virus that may be the worst bug I’ve ever had. I really do feel for him.

But you just have to laugh.


13 thoughts on “Quotes from the plague house.

  1. Too funny! My husband always denies being sick. Granted, I can only remember one time when he was seriously sick, and once when he had a small day surgery…but there are other times I know what he’s hiding.

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