Kansas: State of Ignorance.

I have mentioned recently what a cluster $%@#! my state is, in terms of sanity and intelligent thinking. And it’s getting worse.

Therefore today I create a very special award, which will henceforth be given whenever I feel like it, to other politicians around the globe (though probably mostly in these dysfunctional United States) who manage to live up to the backwards, ignorant, and really quite evil lawmakers of Kansas :



Fittingly, the inaugural beneficiary of this award of shame goes to my very own state, pictured in the award photo, Kansas!

Because not only was there all THIS a couple of weeks ago, but also…

From this week,  THIS. (If you don’t have time to click and read the horror, it’s about a bill that’s certain to pass our legislature, allowing any disgruntled parent to sue a teacher who brings into the classroom any subject/resource said parent doesn’t approve of. Think sex ed, Huck Finn, etc.)

And THIS. (Summary: A House bill to end the Kansas “Parents as Teachers” program, which sends child development experts into homes to work with parents of children ages birth to three years, to help ensure children are prepared for school.)

Best of luck to your state, wherever you live. There’s every chance you’ll receive the award at some point. And please, feel free to nominate anyone you feel truly deserves this dishonor.


4 thoughts on “Kansas: State of Ignorance.

  1. We have a legislator spending our money on legislation to ban human-animal hybrids. As I researched this idea, I found that it was a concern of a recent president. Seriously? Don’t scientists have better things to do? Why is money being wasted on such nonsense. I nominate Georgia.


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