Today’s “State of Ignorance” Award goes to…

The great state of Georgia!

Many thanks to my friend April at Finding Beauty in Spite of Myself for nominating her state for the efforts of one fasinatingly ignorant legislator.

In April’s own words:

We have a legislator spending our money on legislation to ban human-animal hybrids. As I researched this idea, I found that it was a concern of a recent president. Seriously? Don’t scientists have better things to do? Why is money being wasted on such nonsense? I nominate Georgia.

Don’t we all want our lawmakers to spend their time and our money creating laws to fight problems that don’t exist? Georgia it is! 

If there’s an insane legislator in your state trying to pass backwards, non-thinking legislation, let me know about it. Let’s keep the awards coming!


2 thoughts on “Today’s “State of Ignorance” Award goes to…

  1. I’m so proud of Georgia. I’m sure I can come up with more. We do have a huge public school scandal full of teachers and administrators changing answers on standardized and state tests so that….well, they cheated.


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