Saturday Catch-all

It’s snowing here this weekend. If all goes to forecast, we should have 4-6 inches by the end of the day tomorrow. Finally we’re getting the big snow I wanted a month ago. NOW when personally, I would be quite happy to see the back of winter. Here’s the beginning of our “big snow.”


A big snow is half good, half bad for me this weekend. Today it’s awesome because I didn’t have any reason to leave the house. Secret: I didn’t even bother to take a shower this morning. Tomorrow, not so much. I leave the house at 7:30 on Sunday mornings, don’t get home until noon, and have to go back out again tomorrow afternoon for a memorial service. Ah, well.

One exciting outcome of today: A package from Amazon came for me before 10:00 am! Can’t beat a day when attractive goods are delivered right to your front door. All the joy of shopping, without going out in the cold and the snow.


I’d been suffering with a grungy iPad cover for months (oh, the shame!) and truly disgusting keyboard cover for a couple of years. Now I have a clean, lovely, and much more serviceable set-up.

And only yesterday, another package was delivered: A replacement for my worn-out old workhorse Vera Bradley wallet. Had to say good-bye to my all time favorite pattern, but this new one is an excellent substitute.


Last night during supper we were all texted this very attractive photo of our boy at the Kansas all-state music educators’ conference. It was a special event our kids were selected for for seven years in a row, with a lot of overlap so that some years we were attending two or three major concerts in one weekend. This time around The Boy is there as a vocal music educations student, and having the time of his life reveling in his craft and his future career.

image Seen here (left) at the conference with a good singing buddy from high school (and co-member of an excellent barbershop quaretet) and their teacher, friend and mentor – their high school choral conductor.

And one more cozy photo from today: Middle Sister has been a cooking fiend all day long. She woke us up with mini-quiches and fruit salad for breakfast, and followed up with a fabulously-scented apple butter we’ll enjoy on homemade bread with homemade butter for supper this evening. Between all that and the plantains she fried up for lunch, we’re in culinary heaven on this frigid, snowy day.


I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, wherever you are!


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