My heart is warmed.



This is why I love working with kids. This morning I spent a few minutes in our 5th/6th grade Sunday School class, talking with the kids about the recent death of their classmate’s brother. I explained about David’s life-long condition, how happy he was with his family, and how much he meant to his sister, who many of these kids have known for years.

We discussed how hard it is to know the right things to say to a grieving friend, and the fact that saying ANYTHING supportive is better than saying nothing. We practiced what words we might use, and the kids offered their own thoughts.

After I left the room, our amazing staff members for this class led the kids in making cards to give to their friend. What they came up with made me cry a bit. I find we can always count on kids to be honest, real, and loving if we just give them the chance.

These are just a few examples of what they had to offer their friend.

image image



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