Another “State of Ignorance Award.” The envelope, please…


Today’s award goes to my state’s neighbor to the south, Oklahoma!

A couple of weeks ago I saw this travesty in the news, about a bill in the OK legislature to ban AP US History courses from being taught in their state. Heaven forbid that high school kids be taught to think for themselves. All three of ours took APUSH, and it was one of the best learning experiences they ever had. The overwhelming emphasis in the class is to practice analytical thought; to synthesize information from various sources – high level thinking skills.  But in Oklahoma, the legislators are merely concerned that our kids aren’t being taught “American exceptionalism.” They believe that APUSH emphasizes some of the ugly history we’ve created for ourselves in these United States. Little things like slavery, keeping black people from voting, you know, like…facts?

And then today there was this little gem, in which an Oklahoma lawmaker explains that the concept of climate change must be made up. Because it’s really cold outside. Brilliant! Ever heard of a little thing called SCIENCE, dude? Get some. It’s available at your local school…

Or not.

Sooooo…congrats, Oklahoma! You win the prize!


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