Here I sit at my desk in my nice, quiet office, listening to some lovely classical music and STUFFED TO THE GILLS with the Tex-Mex food I inhaled during a staff lunch today.

enchiladaOther than eating way more than I had any business to eat, I’m feeling pretty good today. A couple of quite tricky interpersonal/work conflict issues have been cleared up quite satisfactorily, thank you very much, so I am simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief and patting myself on the back. Not easy with a big plate of beef enchilada and espinaca dip lying heavily in your tummy. But deserved.

It was a confrontation that had been put off for two weeks due to unrelated circumstances. But today I said my piece, held my ground, made my point, and set a framework for change – all appropriately and without even crying, which is my usual response to stress and conflict. Enchiladas well deserved. I’m sure I have those perimenopausal hormones and a course of steroids to thank for gathering up the cojones to achieve this success, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

Then, too, I had a great time with my co-workers this afternoon. We’re a pretty rowdy and irreverent bunch at the best of times – get us out away from the office and we tend to get a little goofy. One end of the table surreptitiously managed to arrange a birthday song, dessert, and sombrero for someone at the jon bdayother end of the table. Someone who’s birthday, of course, is in October rather than March. Someone who just happens to be one of our pastors. Diners at a nearby table asked as we left where we all worked, and were surprised/amused to hear we’re all church staff. I’m always glad to do my part to improve the stodgy, overly-pious image so often assigned to people in the church.

We need more sombrero!



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    • Actually, I think there probably will be bad juju. The person I had to confront has become a weak link on our staff and has a really negative attitude. She said the right words and the conversation was amicable, but there’s definitely an unpleasant undercurrent. But I’m okay with that because I did what I had to do. Thanks for your support, though!


  1. Such a good feeling to resolve those conflicts. I’m always so surprised at how relieved I feel afterwards, when I would never admit to myself how much that kind of thing bothers me. Wish I could serve up that Tex Mex for dinner tonight!

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    • I so often just avoid conflict that I’m particularly pleased with how this went. And really, having a couple of weeks’ forced cool-off time, just due to circumstances, was probably a good thing!


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