Ta-dah! Michigan wins this round.


Today’s State of Ignorance award has to go to Michigan.

A lot of state legislatures recently have entertained bills that, quite transparently, would legalize discrimination. I wrote here about my own state’s disgusting attempt at this a year ago, which would have allowed business owners to refuse to serve any customer, as long as they did so for “sincere religious grounds.” The bill was specifically written to discriminate against LGBTQ citizens.

I just discovered that in December the Michigan House approved the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which would do the same thing – except that it was so broadly worded as to be likely to create even greater bigotry-based discrimination.

Two points I’d like to make in presenting today’s award:

  1. The “State of Ignorance” award is intended to be rather amusing. But this stuff is, in reality, not funny at all. It’s terrifying.
  2. I am absolutely disgusted that people in positions of power go to such lengths to hijack the concept of religion. This sort of bill has nothing to do with any religion I would ever want to be part of. Shame on the majority of the current Republican party for giving faith a bad name.

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6 thoughts on “Ta-dah! Michigan wins this round.

  1. So……guess what I just witnessed? Georgia’s Religious Freedom Act (which passed the state senate and is now onto the house) The *news* showed a clip of a black man who is for this bill, stood in front of a gathering saying that the LGBTQ was pressuring legislators to not vote for the bill. THEN he said…”how can they pressure them when they don’t even know what gender they are”. Yes, an exact quote not taken out of context. Still picking my jaw up.

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