Time travel

Love me some vintage war poster art.

Found last night:


Procurable women? What, did they get them with a requisition form? Wait, don’t answer that.


Oh, the irony. Might as well have said “I need mustard gas more than anything else.”

And finally, this little gem:


Seriously? Wasting food was the worst crime in Christendom? Not slaughtering literally millions of men in the hell of trench warfare?

It’s a funny old world.


7 thoughts on “Time travel

  1. I think WordPress sometimes drops people from feeds just for kicks. I’ve had it too.
    I hope you’re never dropped from my feed though. At least I’d know to find my way back – I’d miss you too much. These are great. A scary insight into priorities and propaganda of the time, but great none-the-less.

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