Adults say the darndest things.

A conversation with my 88-year-old mother-in-law yesterday made me think of this post from just after I started “Mom Goes On”…looked it up and thought it was worth re-posting. Yeah, I crack myself up.

Mom Goes On

Supper time around our table is a much quieter experience today than it was a couple of weeks ago. With two of the siblings gone, one of whom is widely known as a motor-mouth (but a lovable motor-mouth), having a conversation is a lot less of an acrobatic feat now.

Last night the sibling remaining at home was actually home for supper, and the conversation got around to a comment we’ve often heard Grandma and those of her generation say:
“Oh, she (or he) has really failed.”
Invariably accompanied by a sad shake of the head, this sentence is intended to describe elderly friends whose health and/or mental faculties seem to be deteriorating. What I always hear, though, is that this person is doing a really crappy job at life and is certain to receive an F on the big report card in the sky. Ironically, the fact that a…

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