Today’s Mom Hack – Concerning Laundry

imageLaundry really is quite concerning, isn’t it?

With a family of five, I spent many years doing at least one load of wash each day, and many days more than one. Believe me, every child in the house learned to use the washer and dryer as soon as their arms were long enough to reach the dials.

They were pretty good little helpers. Except…there were a lot of mistakes. The wrong items washed together. Items machine dried that should NEVER have been exposed to heat.

And then one day, my organization-mad brain thought up today’s Mom Hack.


Each bedroom got a brand new dirty clothes system – a plastic three-drawer bin. Whites went into the top drawer, middle-ish colors in the middle drawer (see how that works?) and darks in the bottom drawer. Items we didn’t want dried had their own special spot, with a note pad and pencil nearby.

With all the clothes sorted at the moment of being peeled off, gathering a correctly-sorted load for the washer took a matter of seconds. Just hit all three bedrooms, empty the correct drawer, and you’re done. Oh, but first check the “do not dry” pile for like-colored items and make a note of which pieces they are. Stick the note onto the washer with the conveniently provided magnet, and you’re done.

Yeah, there was the occasional slip-up, but the sorting system really did make life easier.

That’s what Mom Hacks are for.



8 thoughts on “Today’s Mom Hack – Concerning Laundry

  1. I have a similar system at home. Sadly though the husband a) fails to sort his laundry, instead draping it over multiple sections and b) should he take it on himself to do the washing he will, without fail, i) not get the laundry from the kids’ rooms (resulting in 3 subsequent washes of not more than 2 items each to ensure Boo has a clean school uniform) but ii) will include at least one item of hand-wash-only clothing.
    I guess that’s why these are ‘Mom Hacks’ and not ‘Dad’ ones!

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  2. Geesh! I wish I had these mom hacks when I was raising my three. But, even though they were taught to separate colors, and blah-blah, all three of them choose to wash their clothes all together. Whites are now grey. I’m wondering what happened?

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    • Two of mine do the same thing. Daughter at home separates hers, but I think it’s because she still lives at home and that’s my rule. We’ll see what happens if/when she ever moves out!


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