Because I’m happy

Okay, so that song is so repetitive it drives me right up the wall. But it pretty well sums up how I’m feeling.

  • The Boy got home for spring break at 10:00 last night, and Middle Sister and I sat up with him, talking, until 12:30. Music, sociology, economics, funny animal videos, life. Joy, joy, joy.
  • imageIt’s been 73 degrees here and sunny for several days, with no end in sight. Late afternoon walks in the warmth and sunshine = happier and healthier me.
  • A home pedi this week means my feet and toenails look good enough to wear sandals.
  • Yesterday: Purchased an adorable peasant top and a swirly tunic dress to wear with leggings, to offset the extreme boredom of having to buy a new bra.
  • “New” SUV is such fun to drive around in I’m looking for exuses to run errands. I even went out of my way to get gas yesterday.
  • With Husband coming home today and The Boy home for a week I get to go back to one of my favorite things about being a mom, feeding the people I love. Meat, even! Middle Sister will prepare several great vegetarian meals for us in the coming week, but I’ll get to put my hand back in.
  • I’m officially off my winter antidepressants. Seasonal Affective Disorder defeated for this winter. Though it’s hard to believe it is still technically winter, with the heavenly weather we’ve been having.

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you want to do…


7 thoughts on “Because I’m happy

  1. oh you had to go there didn’t you! I now have that song stuck in my head lol! I’m glad you are enjoying your family and the sunshine. It has been warm here not rainy and dreary, but today it’s sunshining away! woohoo!

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