What’s up in my world today?

Cooking breakfast (scrambled eggs, hash browns, and homemade cheese danish) for a group of young moms, so they can have a break and some grown-up conversation.

Monday HPlaying with eight fun, bright, hilarious under-5’s in the church nursery.

Sending my 20-year-old son off to play police training with our local police department. This is his fourth year in a row to help with their “shooter scenario” training over spring break. He’ll come home bruised, exhausted, splattered with paint from the paint guns used in the scenarios, and full of happiness and enthusiasm.

Calling the car dealer to insist that a couple of minor bugs be fixed on my “new” SUV, as promised. Thank goodness for my raging perimenopausal hormones that will allow me to stand tough and firm in this situation.

Wearing sandals to work and enjoying my freshly painted toenails on an 85 degree pre-spring day.

Not bad for a Monday.


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