Recurring boy problems.

Well, The Boy had a friend spend the night last night so they could be up and off to be shot at by the police by 7:30 this morning. They’re still assisting with shooter scenarios for our local law enforcement, and thankfully the shooting is done with paintballs. I am in no way missing the tragic imageand outrageous fact that way too many moms in this country seriously do have to worry about their boys being shot at by police every single day. Nor am I missing the fact that because my boy is white and in the “right” socioeconomic class, attracting the notice of the police is not a factor in his day-to-day life.

But back to the point of today’s post: Because we’ve had a friend spend the night, we are now the proud owners of some new artifacts. I’ve noticed for years that the deal is: One male friend sleeping over = at least one new item added to our household inventory. Socks are a given. Every time we’ve had a friend here overnight I discover an alien pair of socks in the laundry a few days later.

Today’s haul: One green t-shirt, one bracelet-y thing, one coaster from a bar. Looks like our young friend needs to be reminded that he is TWENTY, not twenty-one.

Oh, and collateral damage greeted me when I went downstairs to the basement family room this morning: Blankets and pillows tossed willy-nilly (Ha! Great word, which I’ve never typed before!), dregs of chocolate milk in two glasses, computer and other electronic bits strewn about, TV cabinet hanging open with DVD still in drive. Utter chaos, from a mom perspective.

So The Boy is home and life has returned to the “normal” that I love so much. Bring on the chaos.




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