“Repair” has been the theme around here this week. I’ve been taking advantage of our boy’s love for fixing and installing things while he’s home. Things that have been repaired and the success or otherwise of each:

  • My “new” SUV: Electric locks freaking out, and no display on radio. The Boy and The Husband checked the fuses and relays – nothing wrong there. So we dropped it off at the garage that contracts
    Upside-down seems to work well for this kid.

    Upside-down seems to work well for this kid.

    with the car dealer. I do not have high hopes of resolution until we go through a long and unpleasant dance. After demonstrating the problems to the garage owner, he looked at me and asked “So what do you want me to do?” Isn’t it bleedin’ obvious that I want my locks to function correctly?

  • Bathroom and porch lights replaced. Success in bathroom, although I have to do touch-up painting tomorrow. Ugh. Porch light working, but needs work on the mounting.
  • Washing machine. A little accident occured following another of the “new” vehicle repairs. A windshield gasket had been installed
    Oooh - bright and shiny instead of rusty and corroded!

    Oooh – bright and shiny instead of rusty and corroded!

    incorrectly. Boy removed it, scraped away ineffective Gorilla Glue, and ended up with several black, goopy rags that accidentally got into the washer instead of the trash can. Imagine my surprise when I went to do a load of laundry and found a washer tub covered with black goop. The Boy had to scrape and scrub the agitator for an hour.

  • My phone. It had been showing an incorrect storage count for a month; though I had only
    That's more like it.

    That’s more like it.

    20 photos stored, they were supposedly taking up 5 GB of storage. Not likely. After two different 45-minute chats with Apple folks, I ended up having to completely wipe the phone with a factory reset. Storage issue resolved, but lost all contacts, music, settings, and apps.

  • Ceiling fan remote. In a spell of warm weather a few weeks ago, Middle Sister used it turn on the living room ceiling fan. Fine until we went to turn it off. Took us an hour of fiddling to get the blades to stop turning. The Boy took the remote apart this week and cleaned the contacts, and we can now use the ceiling fan again on warm days.

On the whole it’s been a very productive week. But I’m biting my nails on the SUV issues. I’m certain I’ll need to call on all my powers of middle-age pissed off hormones and jerk a new tail in the dealer before I get satisfaction on this one. Fingers crossed.


12 thoughts on “Repairs

  1. After the the garage owner asked that question, were you nice? I think my head would have exploded, and even though I try to treat others the way I like to be treated, I would have asked him in a sarcastic manner—“what do you think?” I like the wall in your bathroom. 🙂 Oh! and the black goop, ugh. I’m sure it was a little worse than chapstick or lipgloss going though the dryer cycle.

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    • Yes, it was worse. Thank goodness I didn’t have to do the clean-up. The garage guy had such a thick accent I didn’t have the heart to come back at him with sarcasm. I figured he has enough trouble without pissy customers telling him what a fool he is.

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  2. Any chance the car has a remote starter installed that you weren’t told about? My recent “new” car had a starter installed by the previous owner, and I’m glad the dealer told me about it, because otherwise I’d be going nuts about why the door locks do things that the owner’s manual never mentions.

    Good luck.

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