Limitation lamentation

Things you can’t do when you’ve accidentally removed the top of your thumb:

  • Text.
  • Chop vegetables (actually, anything involving the word “chop” is not only impossible today, but it also makes me feel nauseous).
  • Use the thumbprint scanner to unlock your phone.
  • Avoid getting a tetanus shot.
  • Sleep comfortably.
  • Button, zip or otherwise fasten any article of clothing.

imageToday’s question: When sporting a BandAid on the thumb, is it better to leave the cute new thumb ring off to avoid drawing attention to the injury? I’m going with on, as a sort of reward for having survived the thumb-chopping incident mostly intact.

Oh, and just as an aside, the “New and improved” post writing thingy (you know, “Beep Beep Boop.”) is a pain in the ass. Things you can’t do on it:

  • See the tags you’re trying to type in the “add tags” box.
  • Type a post without hurling four-letter-words.
  • Figure out how to schedule a post.

5 thoughts on “Limitation lamentation

  1. I think you should have some kind of superhero BandAid. I also don’t like the new beep boop thing…I keep checking or unchecking the box so that if someone chooses to comment, they can’t.

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