So I did a thing.

Yesterday I ran across a FB post in a group I’m a member of that really caught my eye: A small publishing house looking for a contracted editor to edit and critique lesson plans and family resources for the next few months. With the possibility of more work in the future. It’s an area in which I have tons of experience, and it’s something I love to do.

So I spent every moment of my evening pulling together a resume and cover letter (holy cow, it’s been a long time). Thankfully, I had two writers in residence last night – my daughter and her boyfriend, who are both English majors and excellent writers/editors. They proofed everything I wrote, had extremely helpful suggestions, and by 10:00 I’d hit “send” and my application was making its way through the ether.

If I were to get the job, it would be just in my spare time – shouldn’t affect my day job at all. With my plans to remodel the basement bathroom over the summer, the extra $$$ would certainly come in handy.

Fingers crossed!

15 thoughts on “So I did a thing.

    • Cool! Thankfully my daughter is also majoring in education, so she’ll have another route for employment. Teaching is what she really wants to do, anyway. That’s assuming our state government doesn’t manage to completely close our public school systems in the next year – which is a distinct possibility.


    • I’m certain the aubergine is useful in many circumstances. But I’d use crossed fingers even more than the smiling pile of poo, which is my absolute favorite.

      And you’re right – my current full-time job was a spur of the moment, unexpected thing, and it turned out great!

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