A very special award for Arizona.


The Arizona legislature this week sent an abortion bill to their governor this week that makes me throw up in my mouth. Not a little – a lot. Any group of ignorant lawmakers who can do that are well-deserving of the “State of Ignorance” Award. Details:

  • The bill prevents women from buying insurance that includes abortion coverage through the federal health exchange. Let me repeat that: This bill keeps women from receiving a LEGAL procedure. Let’s see…how about we also block patients from having cancer treatment? Cuz that’s legal, too. Slippery slope, people.
  • Just as sick-making: Their bill would require doctors to tell women that medical abortion is reversible, and that they can change their minds and retain their pregnancies. First: completely unproven. Second, probably untrue. Third: Don’t tell my doctor what she is required to say to me. I trust her judgment…oh, say…INFINITELY more than I trust a crew of right-wing science-hating dolts. A little back story on this one:
    • This portion of the bill is aimed at the procedure called medical abortion, or the “morning after” pill. The word “pill’ is a misnomer. The procedure actually requires a series of two pills. And this procedure does NOT cause abortion. It can only be used before an egg has implanted. No pregnancy involved. Supporters of the bill claim that doctors have proven that a pregnancy can be maintained if only the first dose of medication in the procedure has been administered.
    • According to Dr. Cheryl Chastine, a Kansas doctor (holy cow, someone reasonable has been located in my state!) “The medical literature is quite clear that mifepristone (the first of the two pills in the procedure) on its own is only about 50% effective at ending a pregnancy. That means that even if these doctors were to offer a large dose of purple Skittles, they’d appear to have “worked” to save a pregnancy about half the time.” In other words, doctors claiming the procedure is reversible are ignoring fact. Might they have a little hidden agenda going on?

I would like to administer a little dose of reality for the many, many politicians out there who embarrass all thinking people on a regular basis: Science is a thing, folks. The scientific method can be trusted. Choosing to ignore or deny the legitimate work of intelligent, hard-working scientists not only underscores your ignorance, it puts our population at risk for serious problems that actually can or do have solutions.

So, Arizona…you’ve done yourself proud! You totally deserve today’s “State of Ignorance” award. Congratulations!

8 thoughts on “A very special award for Arizona.

  1. I’m liking your opinion on this, obviously, but NOT the fact that this has actually happened.
    The world would be a better place if the muppets – sorry, politicians – came to seek your opinion BEFORE making their decisions. D’oh.

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