Guilty confession.

I don’t dare say this above a whisper…

but I think I’ve lost a library book.

Actually, if the book in question is truly missing, I probably didn’t exactly “lose” it. Here’s the story:

A couple of weeks ago I requested two books from our local library through their website. One by an author I was familiar with, and one that I just thought I’d try on a whim. A day or two later I visited our closest Half Price Books store and bought a few cozy mysteries. They looked pretty similar in size and artwork to the two I got from the library.

I sat down to read the book from the library by a new author, and within half a chapter it was all I could do NOT to throw the book across the room. This book (I truly don’t remember the title or the name of the author) made me ill. The writing was acceptable, but the subject matter was not.

It wasn’t pornographic, or violent, or profane.

Bad-Book-Review2No, it was a piece of proselytizing, anti-feminist crap masquerading as a cozy mystery. The main character kept whining about her envy for her younger sister who had married a rich guy and spent her days shopping and having her nails done. The heroine’s greatest goal in life was to find “the perfect man” for her. She attended bible studies all over the place, kept offering to pray for people, and started each chapter with a bible verse.

Suffice it to say I could NOT read this book.

The problem is, I think I got it mixed up with the mysteries I bought at Half Price Books. My guess is that I must have put it in the trash, thinking I’d paid for it and could do what I wanted with it. It sure wasn’t going in my Little Free Library, and I couldn’t in good conscience even donate it to our Friends of the Library for their book sale.

But then something prompted me to look at the “my account” tab on our library website to double check what books I’d checked out recently. Sure enough, one of them was the junky “Christian” book. It hadn’t come from Half Price Books after all.

Here’s my conundrum: Obviously I’ve done the world a favor by making this book disappear. And I can pony up and pay for it next time I go to the library – even though I know their replacement cost is astronomical, even for a paperback like this one. BUT…I’m pretty sure the library system will use the payment to buy another copy of that piece of tripe. And I will have paid for it.

Hanging my head in shame.


6 thoughts on “Guilty confession.

  1. Maybe you could donate a better book to the library in addition to paying for the replacement of that piece-of-garbage book? Or some other, similar act so that you don’t feel the need to hang your head in shame, haha!

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