I call shenanigans.

envelopeThis little gem arrived in the mail yesterday. For a couple of seconds I thought it could be the title to the car I bought recently. Or maybe a summons for jury duty. Cuz it’s marked…you know… “official.”

And I suppose it was an official document in one sense. Like in the sense where the piece of trash I just tossed into the recycling bin is officially a document because I printed it. So guess what? I can destroy this bad boy all I want.

Here’s the letter that was inside of this very important envelope:


Ooh, a district census! I know that has to be important because it has the word “census” in it. Not. (Note the second line. “Commissioned by the Republican Party.”) But how many poor fools will feel compelled to pay attention to this garbage because it says “census?”

And then there was this enclosed, as well:


Okay, I have to admit that I am registered Republican so that in primary elections I can vote against the most egregiously evil of the right wing candidates. But in reality, I’m so “other” that I could not, in good conscience, even fill out the “other” line on this urgent and important survey. Oh, and here’s a little factoid: There are people in our house who are registered Democrats, and yet we never get this kind of crap from the Democratic Party. Not that my real party is a perfect bastion of goodness and light, but at least it’s not up to this sort of lying, cheating, and subterfuge.

Well, no more goofing around – I must get busy on this task. It’s my duty as a citizen to fill out and return this vital official census document.

4 thoughts on “I call shenanigans.

  1. LOL! I have never thought to register as a Republican to vote against the rotten ones. I am registered as an Independent. Thank you for doing your part to rid our country of some of the misguided. 🙂 Oh, and you’re right about the Democrats, they don’t send out such garbage, but they don’t hold together as much. Am I making sense?

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    • Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. If we sane people could summon the same kind of energetic outrage as all the right wingers, the world would be a better place. I know quite a few people who have registered R for the same reason I do – probably because I’ seek out the few other not-loonies in our area.

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