Am I prepared? No.

IMG_1559This interesting item has been lurking in my stored photos for a while, and somehow it felt right for today. After a restless night (a little tip: don’t accidentally take two Allegra tablets with your nighttime meds), I have to admit that no, I do not feel prepared for fire created by atomic blast. Unfortunately, with all I’ve got on my plate today at work and at home,  an atomic blast might feel like a blessed relief by the time I collapse into bed tonight. Wishing you a happy Wednesday that contains neither atomic blast nor fire.


8 thoughts on “Am I prepared? No.

    • Well, today’s another freaky day where I have a huge event in the evening, when I’d rather be crashed on the couch reading or watching a mystery. But it doesn’t happen that often, so I guess I’ll survive. And then I get a four-day weekend! (With the exception of four working hours on Sunday morning.)

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  1. I’ve just been reading I think I shall now be having nightmares! I am very much not ready (although this isn’t surprising since I don’t even have pants ready for the morning).
    I blame my education. We were sat down and made to watch When the Wind Blows. All I remember is dong sunbathe in the fallout.

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