This nest

I’m an early riser. Always have been. Love that delicious sense of the day stretching out with fascinating possibliities. Love the chorus of birdsong as the cardinals and finches encourage the sun to rise just a little higher and get the show on the road.

Today, though, it occurs to me that the joys of being one of the early birds is not as sharp when our nest is so empty.

The Husband returned home last evening from a week on the road, true. We had a cozy evening together, and it will be great to have his company over the weekend.

Middle Sister is home today and this evening – always a delight. Well…99% of the time, anyway.

But the fullness, the completeness, of having all five of us together is missing.

Oldest is 1500 miles away. We won’t have her with us for four long months. The Boy remains at college, as well – busy and full of big plans – but leaving us without his energy and wit.

You would think that I’d be used to this new way of life by now. And much of the time I am. I move along, keeping busy, accepting new challenges, texting and calling my dear ones daily.

But every now and then – like today – I long to have my wings placed protectively around my little ones, gathering them close.

Today it’s a sad little nest.


4 thoughts on “This nest

    • It helped to watch a movie “together” last night. Our family always has a viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar on Easter weekend (the 2000 remake – no hippies!) so Oldest started her DVD at the exact same time we did, and we texted silly comments back and forth the whole time. We thought we were funny.

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