Too damned productive.

The Husband needed to be delivered to his truck before 7:00 am today, so we were up and out of bed by 5:30. Checked off my list before 8:00 am:

  • sweeping out several weeks’ worth of detritus from the floor of the Husband’s trucky. Nasty.
  • two loads of laundry
  • filling the bird feeders because the finches and cardinals were totally freaking out, looking for seeds that were not there
  • two cups of coffee
  • reading the paper and doing my three favorite puzzles

imageA long, quiet day stretches ahead. Only three items on my actual to-do list. The only other human who’s regularly in the house will be gone most of the day and evening. There was a time when Easter Monday off meant a glorious day to myself, when usually the house was full of noise and mess. Now I’m working to come up with activities to amuse myself:

  • a home pedi, because the temps are expected to soar into the 80s this week and sandals will be brought out again
  • perhaps a trip to the mall (GASP) to use the Bath and Body Works gift card I was given for Christmas. But that would mean putting on real clothes, rather than the grubby sweat pants and hoodie I threw on when I got out of bed…
  • plenty of time to read the “Call the Midwife” companion book I was loaned yesterday by my sister-in-law

That’s about a couple of hours’ worth of stuff. Getting up before the sun was maybe not such a great idea.

How would you fill a long day to yourself?


4 thoughts on “Too damned productive.

    • I did, mostly. But it really dragged along. I need to plan ahead better when I’ve got that much free time, but those Monday holidays always take me by surprise.


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