Playing dress-up.

The “dress-up” box at our house was a staple of play time when our kids were small. Contents the box collected over the years:

  • leotards
  • Harry Potter capes
  • Laura Ingalls dresses, bonnets, and pinafores
  • cowboy hats, boots, and shirts
  • princess dresses
  • Crocodile Hunter khakis and hats

No costume was considered “for boys” or “for girls.” Our boy and his buddies who came over to play were happy to don a leotard with a tutu, sometimes topped with a cowboy hat. Lots of good memories. The Boy has been a fan of “dress-up” ever since.

I’ve been musing on all our dress-up time lately, because this weekend we’ll be driving to our boy’s university town to see him in his latest costume for the role of The Sheriff in the opera “Cold Sassy Tree.” He sent us a preview a couple of days ago:


This particular costume is pretty low-key, especially compared to this one from his senior year in high school:


There was no real reason for this Robin Hood costume, other than being bored on a Saturday and finding an old pillowcase in a closet:

garrett hood

This was a fun one, topped with his grandfather’s fedora when he was Charlie Nickles, private dick, in “Kill Me, Deadly.”


Also from high school, when he and his sister both enjoyed dressing up in multiple costumes for “Le Miserables:”


This impromptu number resulted when his father stopped by his college town one afternoon last fall:


I’m so looking forward to a road trip with The Husband and our younger daughter this weekend, to see our boy’s latest incarnation. He keeps us in stitches, no matter what he’s got on.



5 thoughts on “Playing dress-up.

    • Funny – I’ve never enjoyed dressing up, so I don’t know where my kids got that gene. I tried to get in the Halloween spirit when our oldest was in kindergarten, and I wore an enormous Hershey’s Kiss costume, borrowed from a friend to the school party – simply because I was told by a drill sergeant room mother that I HAD to wear a costume. Holy cow, did I feel like an idiot. I don’t think I’ve worn any sort of costume since then!

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      • I came second in a fancy dress competition when I was two. I was Mary Mary quite contrary. My dress was hideous, but my dad decorated me a kick-arse wheelbarrow. I won a silver jubilee mug that I cherished for years. I think that’s where my love of dress-up began. Sadly there aren’t that many who share my passion though but a job at Disney would be my seventh heaven.

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