On fire!

Just home from our short road trip, and “on fire” seems an appropriate theme for the overnight.

On the way down, we drove through the Konza prairie. This time of year, it’s pretty likely that you’ll run across a controlled burn as you go, with the purpose of maintaining the ecosystem. It’s quite a sight – especially at night, though we passed through during the daylight hours going both ways this time. It occurred to me that for  

someone who wasn’t familiar with this practice, it’s probably pretty terrifying to drive along and see miles and miles of billowing smoke, with lines of fire that sometimes come right up to the highway. We passed a patch of burn this afternoon that had gotten just a little too close to the highway. Several police cars and rural fire trucks were on hand to keep things safe. Thankfully, having lived many years in Kansas we’d seen it all before. I won’t say it’s a “ho-hum” kind of thing, but we at least know it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

IMG_1659The next fire incident took place as we came into town and approached The Boy’s dorm. This was apparently the early stages. After we picked up our son and were headed out to eat before the opera, we passed the scene again and the car was completely engulfed in flames. For some reason a fire truck wasn’t called right away; it only appeared during that second sighting. Weird.

And finally, after the show (if you ever have the opportunity to see the opera “Cold Sassy Tree” by Carlysle Floyd, I’d recommend you give it a miss – the whole thing was hideously atonal and simply sounded like screaming mixed with cats in heat), these guys were “on fire.”

I’ve never paid the extra $$ to have the option of posting video on my blog, but maybe I should reconsider. Shockapella, our boy’s barbershop group, gave the crowd remaining after the “kiss and cry” session a little taste of their music, and it was awesome. Our boy is second from the right.

Hoping your weekend is “on fire,” too…in a non-emergency sort of way.

7 thoughts on “On fire!

  1. Wow – at first I thought your post said you came home to find your oven on fire because the preview cut off “overnight” to just ove…And I guess I have a wild imagination! I’ve never seen one of those controlled fires. I would definitely be alarmed. Glad everything ended on a good note with Shockapella!

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  2. Well, the fires and Cold Sassy Tree sound less than enjoyable, but I’m sure hearing your son’s group sing made the whole trip worth it!

    FYI, if you upload a video to YouTube, and then look at the sharing options, you should just be able to copy the embed link into your blog post, without having to pay anything.

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