A bad hair day is nothing to joke about.

I don’t have anything special going on today. I’ll work in my office and probably have relatively little human interaction. Nonetheless, I can’t bring myself to leave the house with STUPID hair.

hair day 1Consequently, I just spent 40 minutes trying to do something with my unruly locks that wouldn’t make me want to wear a bag over my head. Normally a messy bun is a good option on the day after a hair wash. No dice today. Every attempt left me looking like a pin head from the front and as if there were some kind of animal nest on the back – animals included.

How about wearing it down today? I had some nice waves going. Yeah, that was okay from the front. The back view resembled a scary old witch living in a shack in the woods.

After a good 20 attempts and a LOT of hair ripped out with the hair elastics (my apologies to the next person who has to clean the bathroom), a break was required, before I ruined my makeup with tears of frustration. I sat down at the laptop for a bit to check in with Facebook and WordPress. Forced myself to breathe normally. And then it was once more into the breach.

Bandanna headband to the rescue! Finally I had something that would allow me to leave the house without shame. I mean, I may be getting on into middle age, and I may be just an everyday working mom, but I do still have standards!

hair day 3But the hair debacle made for a rotten morning. It’s enough to make me want to chop off this hair I’ve been growing out for several years.

Please, please, please…tell me I’m not the only one who’s been nearly defeated by HAIR?!?


11 thoughts on “A bad hair day is nothing to joke about.

  1. I have had (minor?) emotional breakdowns over my hair, sister! To the point where makeup was pointless because I was still crying when I left the house! I really wish I could shave my head and still feel attractive. Like Demi Moore in GI Jane, or Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta!

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  2. Oooh! I love your descriptions. How about the days you spend time on your hair and it’s perfect until you step outside your door and a big wind comes up and destroys all your glorious work?

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  3. I have those days, too. My coping strategy is to remind myself that I work primarily with men whose attitude toward hair seems to be “it’s the stuff that keeps your head from getting cold.” These are guys who were still celebrating Movember in early January….

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