Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I don’t write much about my marriage on Mom Goes On. Been there, done that…on another blog. A lot of the stuff I wrote there was rather unpleasant – difficult times, painful memories.


But in spite of all those hard times, I am still married. Pretty happily, thank you. To be brutally honest, the fact that The Husband is on the road five days out of seven has boosted the happiness quotient significantly. I think any couple that’s been married almost 30 years can use a little time apart occasionally. As it turns out, a couple that’s been through the kind of crap we dealt with for half our years together can benefit from quite a bit of time apart. (At the risk of TMI, I’m talking about many, many years of major depression, anxiety and panic disorders, untreated attention deficit disorder, unemployment, and resulting financial chaos. Major marital challenges.)


Something happened this morning that just about melted my heart – especially since it took place during the Bad Hair Disaster described previously in this space.

The Husband is on a long haul to Florida this week. He won’t get home this weekend. We were texting back and forth this morning, and I reminded him of a phone call he’d promised to make today. His reply:

“As you wish.”

If you’re as big a fan of “The Princess Bride” as I am (sorry, but my everyday conversation is liberally sprinkled with P.B. references), you’ll know the meaning of this phrase.

It was exactly what I needed to hear today.



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