Farmer’s market season is officially open!

We’ve been counting down the days, and now it’s here! Our city’s farmer’s market opened today – a treasured tradition in our family.

imageMiddle Sister and I were up before the sun. I made a batch of chai, poured some into a travel mug, and we were off!

We really splurged today, filling our shopping bag with lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, and goat’s milk salted caramel dip – after a sample and a visit with the vendor, we couldn’t resist. Tonight’s supper will use today’s haul in asparagus soup, roasted tomatoes, and for dessert something – anything – to dip into the amazing salted caramel!

Breakfast was a croissant from the Farm to Market stall – where all three of our children have worked over the years. The Boy is anxious to get home from college and start his summer job hawking bread for them on Saturday mornings, though he’s been working for them through the school year, offering samples at crunchy grocery stores in his college town. Making this morning’s croissant even more delectable was the fact that today’s bread seller went on and on about what an excellent employee our son is. I was one happy and proud mama!

A rival bakery in town sells freshly made toast at the other end of the market, and the scent was too heavenly to resist. So second breakfast consisted of a slice of coconut/chocolate bread with butter for me, and country sourdough with butter and sea salt for middle sister.


Not petunias, but a nice sampling of the other baskets our new Mennonite friends were selling.

Our final purchase was a lush hanging petunia basket from a new vendor, a Mennonite family whose patriarch had the traditional full beard. Lovely folks, who sold us a beautiful addition to our back porch.

We were home by 8:15, before the day-long rain we’re expecting had time to get started.

Do you have a farmer’s market near you? I’d love to hear about your favorite vendors and products!


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