In search of the elusive, perfect cami.

women-s-cami-tank-top-blue-3Okay, this may be something not everyone will understand, but…

I would KILL for a set of decent camis.

The cami is the foundation of my everyday wardrobe. Under cardigans, under sheer tops, under a denim jacket – I have a closet full of different-colored camis. Some with lace, some v-neck, some scoop neck. But not a damned one is quite right.

Questions I have for designers and producers of this essential garment:

  • Have you ever actually SEEN a woman who has an extra four inches between the top of her shoulders and the line at which she would like to start covering her boobs? Why can you not create a cami that doesn’t constantly slip down and play peek-a-boo with my cleavage? I think I have fairly normal proportions…Seriously, am I the only one with this issue?
  • Why is it so hard to make a cami without those ridiculous “bra panels?” I suppose they might actually function in the place of a bra for a young teen, or perhaps for older women who spend their spare time running half marathons, but they do NOT

    Today’s sad compromise. No stupid “bra panel,” but even after I’ve shortened the straps by two inches, it’s still slipping down to almost-unwearable depths.

    work for normal people like this middle-aged mom. Sorry – even with that bra panel, I have to wear an actual bra, as well. And I do NOT want to have an extra flap of fabric constantly creeping up and creating a bunchy glob right smack on my chest.

  • Can you not sell a BROWN cami? Not tan, not taupe, but BROWN? The brown cami is the Holy Grail of the fashion world. I managed to find one years ago and it literally disappeared out of my closet. No idea where it went, unless some other poor woman, as desperate as I am for the miraculous brown cami, slipped in and took it in the middle of the night.

Our oldest did a clothes shopping trip last weekend, and she went out of her way to text me when she actually found a decent white cami with no extra bra panel. I’m telling you, this was a newsworthy event.

Anyone else have a cami issue? Or what’s your biggest grip about women’s apparel?


7 thoughts on “In search of the elusive, perfect cami.

  1. Hi,
    Ran across your great blog post today and hopefully I have the “Perfect” answer for you. My company makes mini camisoles that attach to your bra with a small piece of velcro and many women think they are “Perfect.” In fact, the name of the company is Perfect Cami. I invite you to visit our website at http::// Take a look, let me know what you think and I would be happy to send you a few to try out.

    Hope to connect in real life.

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