Just a Gigolo

After a phone call from The Boy yesterday, I’ve had this song in my head all day long.

Our son was asked to serve as an escort to an elderly oil “baroness” last evening. The back story is that she is a benefactress to the arts in his college town. She’s no longer able to drive, and music professors at The Boy’s college ask young male students in the department to help her get to important arts events each year.

So our boy drove to a retirement home in his rusted, 21-year-old Jeep to pick up his extremely wealthy date last night, for a gala dinner and concert. I have no doubt at all that he was a charming and thoughtful escort, and that both of them had a lovely time.

But…oh, my.

My son, the gigolo.


6 thoughts on “Just a Gigolo

  1. That’s really funny on one level. But it’s great that the school makes sure this woman can still attend the events. And it’s a nice commentary on your son, that he was the department’s choice for someone considered presentable and well-mannered enough to make a good impression on the wealthy benefactress! Maybe it’s better to think of him as a high-class chauffeur than as a gigolo. 🙂

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  2. Oh bless him. I bet the baroness adores the set-up. The boys possibly not so much. I’m not quite sure it’s the sort of equality feminists have been striving for. But yes, the song seems appropriate and I’m sure he learnt some valuable life skills.


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