How I prepare for a conference.

I did all my pre-reading and writing for the conference I’m attending next week quite some time ago. So now I’m focusing on making it bearable to sit around for four LONG days interacting with people I don’t know.   

Hence the new clothes I bought, the fact that I’m touching up my roots today, and the application of pink and whites, which took place yesterday.

If I have to endure the misery of being forced to spend every moment of every day with PEOPLE at least I can feel good about how I look. 

And then I can come home and hide very quietly in my house for a few years to recover. 


8 thoughts on “How I prepare for a conference.

  1. How cool that our rings are similar! These are acrylic gel nails, which require an act of God tin order to be damaged or removed. It’s a ridiculous splurge, and I only do it rarely. I’ll keep them for a few weeks and then have them dynamited off.


    • That’s my strategy! Oh, and chocolate. I got a tip last week from someone who’s already attended this training that there’s a severe lack of chocolate provided by the hosts. I’ve already packed a large bag of M-n-m’s (to share) and a dark chocolate orange bar (which no one else will be allowed to touch)

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