In today’s news…

I mostly don’t read the Sunday paper. Partly because I’m too busy getting ready for work, and partly because the Sunday paper is always a huge disappointment – unless you’re looking for ways to spend all your money by reading the inch-thick stack of ads that comes along with the news.

But something made me read the news section and editorial pages today. And this is what I saw:


At the bottom of this letter (the first one on the page) is my younger daughter’s name.

Smart, beautiful inside and out, and socially active. Proud mama moment.


4 thoughts on “In today’s news…

  1. Good for her! I’ve wondered about the high failure rates that some of these teacher certification tests have, and whether truly competent students (i.e., the people we actually want to become teachers) really find them challenging. I’m glad your daughter is speaking out against lowering standards even further.

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    • It’s a real hot button issue for her, and for me, too. Way too many people go into teaching because it’s an “easy degree” or because they don’t know what else to do in their area of interest. What we really need is people who are passionate both about teaching and about the area in which they teach.


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