Conference, day one

Here I am in beautiful (???) Wichita, Kansas with three co-workers for the first four of seven days of training at the Kansas Leadership Center. It’s a non-profit devoted to improving the quality of leadership in Kansas. Not only are the facilities state of the art, but what the organization has to offer is excellent. Probably that’s because Kansas government has absolutely nothing to do with it. 

We’re being challenged to think creatively, to be self-aware, to tackle challenges with new perspectives. A lot of thinking and reflecting, and down the line we’ll each have a lot of decision-making to do.

For now, my decisions consist of what comfy chair to sit in at the KLC building:

Which part of the river walk to explore first:

And which bed in my private room I should sleep in tonight.

If I have to be away from my cozy, comfy home and my loved ones, this is not a bad way to do it. 


2 thoughts on “Conference, day one

    • Thank goodness there’s a two-month break between the first four days and the last three – it’s way too intense to do it all at once. We have time to experiment with new strategies in between the two sessions, and there’s coaching all along the way. It’s really an excellent program.

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