It always takes me a bit of time to decompress after a trip. I have to let go of the “away me” and turn back into the “home me.”

So now I’m back home after the first four days of a seven-day Kansas Leadership Center conference, and I’m monitoring my internal GPS pretty deliberately.

In the last four days I’ve been challenged to:

  • move out of my comfort zone…over and over and over again
  • take immediate risks and plan for even bigger, intentional risks
  • be in relationships of accountability over the next few months
  • take a good hard look at myself, looking for exactly what it is I value and what it is I fear – competing interests that are keeping me from moving forward in my acts of leadership

imageSo I’ve got all that fermenting. There’s big work to do – almost immediately. And in the meantime, life happens:

  • groceries, errands, chores, bills to pay
  • executing plans for a bathroom rennovation project
  • continued health challenges for our younger daughter – new issues have come to light
  • another opportunity for a new part-time challenge
  • extended family issues at the back of my mind, prodding their way to the front
  • daily work details that must be attended to AT THE SAME TIME as working on making meaningful, adaptive change.

So yeah, there’s been a lot going on this week. And I’m still pondering, still expanding, still recalculating.

Up next on “The Never-Ending Ruminations of My Hyper-Introspective Mind” : A conversation about race relations that still has me reeling.


6 thoughts on “Recalculating.

  1. It’s great to stimulate thoughts and you seem to have a lot to think about. I hope the new issue with your daughter clears and all is okay. I would bet your bathroom remodel is completed before mine.

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    • I definitely have a lot to think about and do, and am really glad to have had the weekend to get away from it for a bit!
      The thing about the bathroom remodel is that however far it gets by July 25 is as far as it will get until…whenever our son can get home again, which will probably be in October. He has to go back to school two weeks early for RA training, and he’s really excited about doing this project, so I hope he works like lightning!

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  2. It’s great to get away (even if it is to take part in activities best labelled as ‘Really?’). But everything’s still waiting when you get back. Wishing you the best especially for your daughter and other family issues. X

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