Unintentional Mother’s Day gift, a few days early.

The leadership conference I attended last week was so intense I was thrilled to be able to build in a break for myself. Since it took place in the same city where our son attends college, we made plans to meet for dinner Wednesday evening. In a very clever move, we also loaded up half his dorm junk into my car so that he could bring home the other half by himself when he finishes up with finals next week.

The relief I felt in being with my own “people” was palpable. I could relax, be myself, and re-gain my footing, not to mention my identity.

His girlfriend joined us for dinner. We delivered her to her car, then drove back to The Boy’s dorm.

And then came the gift.

He didn’t get out of the car.

We just sat there for forty-five minutes, talking about everything and nothing. Watching the sun sink as storm clouds raced across the sky.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


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