Mother’s Day bling.

Last Saturday we combined our weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market with a visit to a much-loved store in our historic downtown area, Ten Thousand Villages. Strolling through the exotic and colorful hand-made goods from around the world (all part of a fair trade market), we picked out a Mother’s Day gift for The Husband’s mom.

But then I couldn’t help but peruse the section of the store devoted to gorgeous hand-made jewelry, dreaming of taking home one of everything. When he discovered I could hardly pull myself away from the collection of rings on the sales counter, The Husband subtly insisted I set aside my favorite and then make myself scarce.

And so, Sunday afternoon, I unwrapped this awesome thumb ring, which I’m wearing for the first time today.


Magically, later in the week I can wear it with a different look:


Two blings in one. Love it!


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day bling.

  1. That’s almost the truth. I so seldom get my nails done that when I do it feels like a major life event. But I promise to keep my eyes off my nails when I’m driving, at least. Mostly.


  2. Love it! What a great husband. And the nails still look ace too. Just promise you’ll watch out for lampposts/trees/trip hazards as I bet you can’t pull your eyes off your hands at the moment.


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