It starts.

The bathroom renovation project is underway!

I’d be ashamed to tell you how long it’s been since this lower level bathroom began looking like a scene from a disaster film (at least ten years).

First there was my precipitous decision to tear the UGLY wallpaper off, which had been applied right before we moved into the house 27 years ago. Tear it off and paint, I thought! But what was underneath the wall paper was like no wall surface I had ever seen. Imprints of even more ancient wall paper. Some kind of rough, scratchy layer. Another thick layer of paper below that. Hideous.

Then there was a slight detour with an upstairs bathroom repair. It took the husband three holes in the lower level bathroom ceiling to find just the right spot to do that repair.

There was the curious leak in the lower level shower stall, which led to ripping out part of the wall near the floor.

There was the falling off of a towel rack. Why bother to repair the new holes that were left in that wall?

There’s the peeling off, yellowed, cheap industrial grade floor board.

There’s the stained and filthy shower. We gave up trying to sandblast the crud off of it a year ago.

Yesterday The Boy dug into his summer project, and I posted this photo on Facebook:


A good friend posted that she liked the rustic Tuscan look on the walls and she thought we should leave it. Nice spin.

What I noticed was that we may want to replace this ancient vanity with something just a little higher when we get to the installation phase.

The other thing I noticed? This project is only going to get way uglier, way messier, and way smellier before it starts to get better.


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