New favorite movie.

About Time.

I don’t know how I missed it when it came out in 2013. But we’ve made up for lost time (nice little reference there) now. Got it from the library – based on a recommendation and the fact that I LOVE Bill Nighy. And have watched it two nights in a row.

After last night’s viewing – and a number of Kleenex for tear-wiping and nose-blowing – I went straight to my laptop and bought the DVD and the soundtrack. As an aside, how great is that? No running around town to image“record stores” – remember those? – in a failed attempt to locate the movie and music. Just a few clicks and the movie is on its way to me. Within ten minutes I had the music downloaded to my phone. Yeah, my age is showing. But there’s somethig to be said for having the perspective of years to help you appreciate how awesome technology is – especially when you’re not too old to know how to use that technology.

So, anyway, a short summary of “About Time:” The male members of a very dear family from Cornwall have the ability to go back in time. Bill Nighy, the father, shares this news with his son just before he leaves home to begin his career as a lawyer. His son uses the trick to find the girl of his dreams. Sounds like it could go in the direction of a stupid, bawdy comedy, right?

Nope. The film is thoughtful, gently funny, and full of excellent lessons about living life well – through a story told in a subtle and intelligent way. The last minute or so of the movie – a series of brief clips of people simply and beautifully being present in the moment – allows the viewer time to reflect on how well he or she does the same. If you don’t come away with a resolve to appreciate what you have, I’d say you must have a heart of stone.

Here’s hoping you can get hold of a copy of “About Time” soon. Enjoy.


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