Shining happy people.

We’re not necessarily holding hands, but we’re having a lovely time working and playing together with 4/5 of us home for now.

Middle made a delicious breakfast bread this morning with butternut squash, homemade applesauce, and walnuts – a nice start to a busy day.

After two weeks straight on the road – due to the catastrophic system failure and subsequent replacement of his truck – The Husband is home through Memorial Day. 

The Boy is back on duty at the farmer’s market bread tent. We visited him this morning before buying our weekly stock of produce, and delivered a nice warm shirt and a mug of coffee against the cloudy, chill morning. When he gets home his father will share some plumbing expertise for the bathroom project, which is coming along messily but steadily. 


Formerly the shower stall. We rejoiced to discover that there was NO mold or mildew lurking under the drywall.

This evening we’ll risk a thorough drenching (80% chance of rain) in order to support a niece/cousin in an outdoor Shakespeare production. 

Quite a nice start to a long weekend.


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