The latest handiwork

We’ve been a productive, creative bunch around here recently.
I’ve been knitting like crazy, creating summer-weight scarves with a turkish stitch. My favorite so far:


LOVE these colors.

A couple of weeks ago, Middle Sister bought some houndstooth fabric and created a beautiful and functional journal for her also-an-Engilsh-major boyfriend. She had quite a bit of fabric leftover, so yesterday she made this lovely decorative sofa pillow:

I used to do this sort of project all the time, but figuring out all the details of seam allowance, inside-out-ness, etc. makes me cry. So glad she did the hard work on this one instead of me.

The Boy put his creativity to work in a different direction, the bathroom reno project. He spent much of yesterday tracing down wiring and creating these schematics to bring all the electrics downstairs into the 21st century:


This kind of stuff makes me cry, too. I literally skpped school the day we had our exam over circuitry in my high school physics class. I was that bad at it.

It’s raining out so no photos of this one, but The Husband brought out his skills to effect a minor repair on my car’s exhaust AND take the stereo apart to fix the auxilliary jack so that I can listen to music from my phone while tooling around the suburbs. Joy!

And now, back to knitting – there’s another scarf to finish!  


3 thoughts on “The latest handiwork

    • Thanks! I’m enjoying this new stitch so much I can’t stop knitting…except I have to because my tendinitis is flaring up because I’m knitting too much.


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