Screwed by ADHD, yet again.

Here’s what it looks like when a (mostly totally awesome) 20-year-old with ADHD does the weed trimming so his mom can mow the yard:

  1. Go buy a new weed trimmer.
  2. Make a few phone calls, check Reddit, ,and have a Gatorade while your mom sits around waiting and tapping her foot.
  3. Trim the front yard fairly thoroughly.
  4. Decide you don’t like how the new weed trimmer is running.
  5. Play around with it awhile.
  6. Consider whether the gas was stale. Call your father to ask his opinion and chat for half an hour.
  7. Fiddle with the new weed trimmer some more. Lazily try it out in the weeds around the back patio.
  8. Set the new weed trimmer aside.
  9. Take out the old weed trimmer. Play with it for a while. Get it running much better than the new one.
  10. Shout at your mom, who has started mowing the front yard and has to stop the mower to hear you, about how pleased you are that the old weed trimmer works again and you can return the new one, which sucks.
  11. Rev the old weed trimmer a few times.
  12. Put away both trimmers, WITHOUT doing any of the trimming in the back yard, because you’ve totally lost track of why you were messing with weed trimmers in the first place.
  13. Go have a shower, while your mom struggles over the bumpy back yard, trying to get close enough to all the  obstacles (trees, shed, play gym, flower beds, tree trunk, patio) because you forgot to do the task she asked you to do in the first place. 

It’s a darned good thing this kid is building up so much good will with his bathroom remodeling work. Otherwise he’d be sleeping out back with the weeds tonight. 


6 thoughts on “Screwed by ADHD, yet again.

    • Exactly. I find it way less funny in my husband, but then his ADD is MUCH worse than our son’s…I once read an article about women who live with men who have ADD, and the fact that many of them give up and get divorced rather than have an adult “child” to herd constantly. I’m not there, but I totally get it.

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    • Well, I have a sense of humor today. But some days I just want to scream. My husband’s ADD is out of control yet controls most aspects of our life. That’s a huge challenge for me. But I suspect you’re pretty familiar with that feeling!


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