Horrible humpday haikus

Hump day’s a gross term;

But when alliterating,

quite necessary.


Snot is in the sink.

Next I’ll find some toenails in

my best coffee cup.

Drive to the landfill.

Dismiss the horrors of the

nasty old bathroom.

Showering at night

Feels great at the time but then

crap hair next morning.

A butt-pain at work

is about to leave our place.

Not a bit too soon.

Chick peas and onions

fried up in the morning are

making me feel ill.

Watched “In Bruges” last night.

Funny and poignant, but sad.

Lots of dead people.

Sun and thick green plants

Create a lush canvas here.

Hope your Wednesday’s** great!
**Please go with the two-syllable pronunciation of Wednesday. Thank you.


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