Cozy, rainy morning

Steady rain. Not much on the to-do list today. Norah Jones playing in the background. Obviously, it’s a good morning for homemade sour cream scones and chai latte.

Later in the day – fingers crossed for a break in the rain – The Boy will pick up the drywall in a pick-up borrowed from his grandfather so the bathroom project can keep moving ahead. And at some point The Husband will come home, and this cozy, raining morning will turn into a cozy weekend. 

As I check in on Facebook today, I see multiple photos of multiple friends who are off vacationing in Cabo, St. Croix, Sanobel. For now I’m pretty content with the bathroom renovation, my family for company, and the comforts of home. At the very least, I don’t have to worry about taking a decent selfie while wearing a swimming suit. I don’t need that kind of pressure. 

Love what you have. Cuz it’s all you’ve got.

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