Definition of “terror.”


Terror: (Noun) When your husband’s phone rings at 10:18 pm, waking you out of a deep sleep, and you hear your extremely attractive and very sheltered 21-year-old daughter’s panicky and tearful voice. You immediately assume that, just as you had been worrying about, she has been assaulted when traveling, alone and unprotected, to a bar in your city’s party district to see her boyfriend’s band play a late gig. Moments later, you suffer shaking and leaden limbs, once it’s been established that she’s merely distraught over getting lost in strange and unfamiliar territory, and is calling for directions because her GPS isn’t working. Closely related to: vomiting, nausea, heart failure, and pants-wetting.  See: Parenting doesn’t get any easier just because they’re technically adults. 

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14 thoughts on “Definition of “terror.”

  1. Glad she was OK. There should be some way that phones could have a special ring tone for “it’s your kid calling, but everything is fine” so you could skip the heart-palpitation stage.

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    • That’s an excellent idea. I remember the time our son texted me asking if we could talk. Since he NEVER calls me to talk, that one scared the crap out of me, too. But it turned out to be a lovely conversation.


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