Raising the roof!

Well, not quite. But in six hours yesterday, The Boy and his buddy from middle school/high school managed to measure, cut, and place all the ceiling drywall for the bathroom reno project. Quite a feat, really, considering all the odd fiddly bits that this ceiling is broken up into. And the fact that some of the sections were a full inch off of square.

Not only is it thrilling to have a ceiling with no holes in it for the first time in ten years, it was great fun to have our young friend in the house for lunch, afternoon work, and supper. Laughter, noise, singing, and silliness all day long. Just like old times.

And today…moving on to walls!



10 thoughts on “Raising the roof!

    • Good heavens, I hope not too! My husband is really being a good sport about the fact that he left our upstairs bathroom in a mostly unusable state for five years, whereas our son will certainly have totally gutted and re-done the downstairs bathroom within 8 weeks. Mostly he’s glad he’s not trying to do it himself, and so am I!

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    • Thanks! I’m discovering that the longer you put up with a truly ugly and embarrassing room, the more delight you take in it when you finally fix it up! Not that I would recommend living with a hideous bathroom for ten years…

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      • Haha! We lived with a leaky upstairs shower that dripped through a hole in the family room (cut out by the plumber who couldn’t identify the leak!). And we had a bin under the hole to catch the water every time someone took a shower. Got a new shower head and it solved the leak problem but we still have the cut out ceiling!

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